Restaurant Clerk

Job description:

  • Prepare breakfast toast, bagels and coffee;
  • Take orders from customers and serve them;
  • Help with the second cash register;
  • Prepare sandwiches, submarines, etc., during the morning to fill refrigerators (under the supervision of the team leader);
  • Cooking pizzas;
  • Prepare sandwich labels;
  • Clean restaurant section: fryer, tables, counter, floor;
  • Arrange bread, sausages and condiment display stand;
  • Pre-cook fries and cook sausages;
  • Perform any other task if requested;


  • Scholarship program;
  • Advancement opportunities (in convenience stores or head office);
  • Refer a Friend Program;
  • Uniforms provided;
  • Years of service gifts;
  • Employee of the Month Program;
  • Flexible hours;
  • Contact with the public;
  • Paid training